The Worst Fast-Food Menu Items for Weight Loss

Bacon Cheeseburger

"Many of these burger options are well above the 500 calorie mark and contain 3/4 or more of the saturated fat amount you should have in a whole day,"

Coffee Drinks

"A mocha beverage from a variety of fast-food establishments may contain between 600 and 800 calories, nearly the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat, and over 50 grams of sugar."

Chicken fried salad

"A salad may seem like a safe bet for your weight loss goals but with fried chicken, croutons, and [a] creamy dressing, some salads are higher in calories and fat than a burger,"

Sub Sandwiches

"Many 6-12 inch sub sandwiches fall into the 500-800 calorie range but some are going to be much higher in fat, calories, and sodium than others,"

Fried Chicken Wings

"Wings are typically all skin, fat, and fried, plus the dipping sauce is not low calorie either," 

Meaty Pizza

A meat-laden pizza on dense bread is invariably an unfavorable choice. Furthermore, even the more compact pie sizes, such as the Meat Lover's Personal Pan Pizza offered by Pizza Hut, can be hazardous.

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