How to Lose Weight on a Mediterranean Diet – 5 Tip

Eat your main meal early in the day 

Lunch is the traditional primary course of the Mediterranean diet, and it is typically consumed between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.

Eat vegetables as a main course cooked in olive oil 

It is impossible to emphasize enough how magical this particular dish is within the Greek diet.

You should drink water mostly and sometimes tea, coffee and wine (for adults) 

The Mediterranean diet consumes the majority of its dairy from cheese and yogurt; therefore, to conserve calories, consume substantial foods instead of liquids.

Consume the right amount of olive oil 

Increasing amounts of research validate what we in the Mediterranean already know: consuming healthy fats does not lead to weight gain.


As the Mediterranean diet constitutes a way of life and not merely a diet, regular physical activity is essential. While walking is acceptable, consistent movement throughout the day is crucial.

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