1 chuck roast ▢1 tablespoon Italian Dressing Dry Mix ▢1 tablespoon Hidden Valley Dry Mix ▢1 tablespoon Brown Gravy Dry Mix ▢1/2 cup water ▢1-2 cups 505 Green Chile sauce ▢Tortillas (we prefer the uncooked store bought tortillas)

Step : 1

Combine the following dry mixes: Italian Dressing Dry Mix, Hidden Valley Dry Mix, and Brown Gravy Dry Mix.

Step : 2 

Chuck roast should be placed in a crock cooker. Half a cup of water should be poured over the roast. Extend the Sprinkle Mix evenly across the roast. Cook for four hours on HIGH, or until tender.

Step : 3

After the roast has warmed slightly, shred it.

Step : 4

Replacing the meat in a pan or crock cooker. Warm the green Chile sauce by adding it to the pan and cooking it.

Step : 5

Spread heated tortillas on top. GREATLY ENJOY!

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