Four traditional snacks given nutritious contemporary updates

Brown Butter Krispie Treats with Rice

Rice Krispie delights are enjoyable for all ages, both to prepare and consume. Because gooey marshmallows and Krispies are irresistible, this is the type of refreshment that will be the talk of the most elegant party.

Platter of Ants on a Log Snack

This is so straightforward that no recipe is required. Simply spread grainy or smooth peanut butter over celery, and garnish with raisins.

Balls of melon salad

Melons are among the healthiest foods because they are rich in vitamin C. Furthermore, they are extremely delicious! When incorporated into a salad, they constitute a complete entrée.

Tempered Eggs

Deviled eggs, an additional party platter favorite, are charmingly customizable. To create the ideal afternoon refreshment, incorporate various toppings—such as bacon, sriracha, and/or cheese—into the beaten yolks of the boiled eggs.

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