Four Optimal Snacking Practices To Reduce Cholesterol

Avocado should be spread atop whole wheat crostini.

"The fruit avocado is rich in monounsaturated lipids, which aid in the reduction of LDL-cholesterol, also known as "bad cholesterol."

Incorporate cinnamon and olive oil into your oatmeal.

Although olive oil and oatmeal may not initially appear to be a harmonious pairing, you would be astonished at how well they complement one another.

Blend together fruits, vegetables, chia seeds, and/or flaxseeds to make a smoothie.

In addition to being loaded with scrumptious nutrients, this mixture may also reduce cholesterol levels.

Carrots dipped in tahini.

Carrots, similar to other vegetables, are rich in soluble fiber, per Snodgrass. Moreover, as is common knowledge, soluble fiber is not absorbed by the intestine.

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