Five Top Easy and Quick Citrus Desserts

Classic Lemon Bar

Consisting of a buttery shortbread crust and the acidity of lemon, lemon bars are an enduring favorite.

A Yogurt Orange Cake

Zest and juice of fresh oranges are utilized to infuse this light and airy confection. Complementing the citrus, the incorporation of yogurt into the batter produces a tender crumb and a delicate flavor.

Lime and Coconut Tart

In a tropical twist, these miniature pastries harmonize the tangy essence of lime with the luscious texture of coconut.

Therefore, grapefruit sorbet

Surprisingly simple to prepare, grapefruit sorbet is a refreshing and airy delicacy. Only three simple ingredients are necessary: water, sugar, and fresh citrus juice.

Cookies Ricotta with Lemon

Ricotta cheese imparts a delightful moistness and richness to these cake-like, doughnut-like pastries.

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