Five of the Most Effective Weight Loss Beverages for Hydration


One might assume that water is self-evident due to the fact that, obviously, it contains no calories. However, additional properties of H2O make it an exceptionally effective weight loss aid.

Green tea

Catechins, which are abundant in green tea, are potent antioxidants that are thought to stimulate the metabolism and aid in fat reduction.

Black tea

Like green tea, black tea contains caffeine (about 47 mg), a stimulant that is thought to increase calorie expenditure.  

Skim milk

One centiliter of reduced milk contains approximately 80 calories, whereas one centiliter of whole milk contains approximately 152 calories.

Protein shake

To achieve a more satiating sensation, consider incorporating protein powder into your morning smoothies. Protein is a macronutrient that maintains satiety in the intestines.

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