Five nutritious snacks for after-school that will keep your children full until dinner

Placebo biscuits

His deli meat is chemical nitrate and nitrite-free and Applegate humanely raises turkey—another reason why this turkey should be a staple for after-school snacks.

Medjool dates stuffed with coconut, chocolate, and almonds

Featuring an assortment of varieties, these bite-sized snacks are naturally sweet, wholesome, and made with fresh Medjool dates.

Egg crackers

Eggs are not limited to brunch alone. They are suitable for consumption as a nibble at any hour of the day. Prepare a batch of egg bites for a convenient after-school refreshment by performing egg scrambling and placing the eggs in a muffin tin for cooking.


"As a registered dietitian, I am thrilled to collaborate with Wonderful Pistachios to provide children with the ideal crunch."

Peanut butter banana bites 

Banana slices dipped in chocolate with peanuts or peanut butter on top, then placed in the freezer, constitute a nutritious after-school refreshment that children will adore.

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