Five Healthful Snacks to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Chia pudding 

Chia seeds are not only rich in satiating fiber that promotes satiety but also offer a substantial amount of energy.

Frozen grapes 

If you enjoy frozen treats, this is a simple way to satisfy your sweet appetite. Fresh grapes should be washed and dried on a paper towel.

Frozen Greek yogurt 

Freezing individual portions of Greek yogurt is an additional method for suppressing desires for decadent frozen desserts.

A smoothie loaded with protein

A fruit, Greek yoghurt, protein powder, and 100% juice or skim milk smoothie can assist in suppressing a sugar tooth. Additionally, the Greek yogurt and protein in the powder may help you feel fuller for longer.

Balls or bites 

In an instant, these portion-controlled snack morsels can satisfy sweet tooth cravings. You can meal plan a few nutritious energy ball or bite recipes for the entire week. Many incorporate almonds, seeds, chocolate, dried fruit (such as dates), or coconut.

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