Easy Recipe for Vegetable Soup

Two tablespoons of olive oil 1 chopped medium yellow onion 2 diced large carrots 1 cup celery, sliced 28 ounces minced canned tomatoes Low-sodium vegetable bouillon, 60 ounces 3 minced medium potatoes 3 bay leaves, minced, 1 cup green beans 2 teaspoons, or to flavor, salt 1 teaspoon black pepper, minced 1 cup sweet corn, thawed 1 cup sweet peas, refrigerated 1/2 cup chopped green scallions 1/4 cup minced fresh parsley



In a heavy stock pot or Dutch oven preheated to medium heat, melt two tablespoons of olive oil. Carrots and sliced onions should be sautéed for 6 to 8 minutes, stirring intermittently, until golden.

STEP- 2 

Potatoes, green beans, celery, canned tomatoes (including their liquid), broth, bay leaves, salt, and pepper are added. Reduce the temperature to a simmer after bringing to a boil; cook for 25 minutes.

STEP- 3 

After the vegetables have reached a tender consistency, incorporate the maize, sweet peas, green onion, and parsley. Add salt to taste and continue simmering for an additional 5 to 8 minutes. When tepid, remove from heat and serve.

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