½ cup butter unsalted, softened ▢1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream ▢1 pinch salt ▢5-6 drops peppermint oil ▢3¾ cups powdered sugar ▢2-3 drops food coloring, optional

Step : 1

In a KitchenAid, cream, butter, salt, peppermint oil, and a quarter cup of powdered sugar should be beaten until extremely smooth and velvety.

Step : 2 

Gradually incorporate the remaining powdered sugar while frequently scrubbing the bowl's sides. Color the cuisine if desired. Beat for two to four minutes, or until airy and smooth.

Step : 3

Place the entire mixture in a mound form and securely seal it in plastic wrap. Relax for a minimum of one hour.

Step : 4

Divide the mixture into five to six portions when it becomes sufficiently rigid to handle. For the purpose of creating mints, liberally distribute powdered sugar over your counter.

Step : 5

Cut each rope into tiny pillow-shaped pieces, each measuring approximately ½" in length, using a dough scraper. Stack each mint on a waxed paper-lined cookie tray.

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