90 Second Microwavable Zero Carb Keto Bread


Ingredients for this Keto Bread Extravaganza: Almond Flour (3 tablespoons): The cornerstone of this keto wonder, almond flour, is our knight in shining armor.

Rich in healthy fats and low in carbs, it’s the perfect foundation for our bread. Egg (1 large): The binding agent, the glue that holds our keto dreams together.

Baking Powder (1/2 teaspoon): The levity in our bread, giving it that spongy texture we all adore. Salt (a pinch): A dash of salt, for balance and flavor. Butter or Coconut Oil (1 tablespoon, melted): This is the buttery elixir that will make our bread moist and rich.


Gather Your Ingredients and Tools: Begin by ensuring you have all the ingredients at your disposal, neatly arranged like a mise en place magician.

Mixing Magic:

In your mug or bowl, blend the almond flour, egg, baking powder, and a pinch of salt together. It should resemble a thick, gooey paste.

Add the Buttery Bliss:

Now, pour in the melted butter or coconut oil, mixing it into the paste until it’s smooth and delightful.

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