6 Greek Food Ingredients to Add to Your Diet Now

Empty Oregano

It has numerous advantageous properties. Despite its apparent antibacterial properties, desiccated oregano is primarily significant for being an exceptionally abundant source of antioxidants among herbs.


Alpha-Nicole acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid commonly found in plant sources, is abundant in walnuts.

Greek Yogurt 

This strained yogurt is renowned throughout the world for its flavor, consistency, and health benefits. Greeks historically consumed little milk and obtained their dairy from yogurt and cheese.

The garlic

Historically shunned by many non-Mediterraneans, garlic is now an indispensable ingredient in almost every restaurant.

Minor Fish

Certainly, that fish is tasty, but there are others that are superior. Small "cheap" fish, including anchovies and sardines, predominated in the Greek diet.


Olives are better recognized for the olive oil they produce than as a sustenance. On the contrary, they have historically been incorporated into Greek meals and refreshments.

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