6 Foods Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals


Before purchasing muffins for breakfast from a cafe or bakery, keep in mind that they are typically high in sugar and calories and low in fiber.

Coconut oil

Since quite some time, coconut oil has gained attention as a healthful alternative for sauteing vegetables, baking desserts, and applying to the body after a shower.

Protein/energy bars

Purchased frequently as a healthy refreshment or post-workout fuel, energy bars boast of providing a protein and energy boost. However, for energy, you are best off consuming whole foods and lean proteins.


Granola is a wonderful snack because it is both filling and fibrous, but not all granola is created equal. Granola that is laden with added fats (such as nut butters and oils), sugars, and sodium for flavoring is evident.

Nuts and nut butters

Although nuts and nut butters are not harmful in moderation and may even be healthy, you will consume a great deal of fat if you do not watch your portion sizes. Once more, it is essential to focus on the ingredients.


Smoothies exemplify the virtues of good nutrition and diminishing body mass. However, beware—within mere tastes, they may also impede your advancement. Smoothies available at grocery stores or cafes generally contain excessive amounts of sugar.

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