6 Best Protein-Packed 100-Calorie Snacks for Weight Loss


Eggs are a great snack option because they can be prepared so many different ways and can be easily paired with other foods to create a well-rounded snack option.

Greek Yogurt

To keep your snack at 100 calories, top your yogurt with halved cherry tomatoes for a fiber boost. 


For a 100-calorie homemade tuna salad, mix your tuna with chopped vegetables, like bell pepper and cucumber, seasonings of choice, and mustard. 

Peanut Butter

One tablespoon of peanut butter packs just under 100 calories and close to four grams of protein.


All cheese contains protein, but part-skim mozzarella may be your best option if you are looking to maximize protein within a 100-calorie portion.

Cottage Cheese

Known for its naturally salty flavor, 3.5 ounces of low-fat cottage cheese comes in at 82 calories.

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