5 Easy Ways to Burn an Extra 100 Calories a Day

Join a 45-minute fitness class. 

Structured fitness classes, whether they consist of cycling, high-intensity interval training, or dance, can be an excellent method to burn well in excess of 100 calories.

Eat more protein. 

Unbelievably, augmenting one's protein consumption may facilitate heightened caloric expenditure over the course of the day.

Choose whole fruits over dried fruits 

Fruits in their whole state, such as pears or berries, are rich in nutrients, water, and fiber, which contribute to satiety.

Don't neglect cardio machines. 

Cardiovascular machines, including the elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike, provide alternatives for effective and individualized workouts.

Swim for 15 minutes. 

Swimming is an excellent low-impact, calorie-burning activity that is also gentle on the joints.

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