we have assembled our dream team of hair stylists, hair colorists, aestheticians and one amazing massage therapist.

the people that call studio khroma their work home come from diverse backgrounds and have various levels of experience from gold to silver to diamond to platinum. but they all share one common trait. they all care deeply about the work they do and that their clients are over the top happy with their results.



co-owner. diamond level stylist

i’m from sedona arizona, and studio khröma fits perfectly into my core belief. i love that the salon practices and offers healthier services for my guests and the earth. i’m always on the cutting edge, continually educating myself and am now a kevin.muprhy.session.salon.stylist. i’ve worked for top global educators and was an educator myself. now, behind the chair and as co-owner of studio khröma, i continually strive to educate everyone around me and to be educated by all my peers. you won’t be disappointed in my chair!!!


diamond level stylist

hello 🙂 i am alexis mulhollan and i am now at studio khroma on saturdays. i am a licensed professional from california and have been practicing hair for almost 20 years and ii absolutely love it! i have continued my education regularly and love doing threading, cutting, extensions, highlights and color. i am also an educator for the cosmetology program at paul mitchell as well. i look forward to growing a local vegas clientele at one of the best and hottest spots in vegas, studio khroma.


diamond level stylist

i’ve been in the beauty industry for twenty years and i can honestly say i love my life! i spend part time in the salon creating classic haircuts and colors, and part time as a production makeup artist. my career has allowed me to travel and work in film and television, but i think my favorite part of all of it is getting to meet new people and make them feel like the best version of themselves. let me take care of you.


co-owner. platinum level stylist

i’ve always loved hair since I was 4 years old. I would cut all my dolls hair. at 12 years old started taking clients. now I’m an educator for kevin.murphy and the proud co-owner of studio khröma, the first certified green circle salon in las vegas. there’s nothing like expressing myself creatively and studio khroma is where i do it.
ashley 1


platinum level stylist

hi! i am ashley gill, i often call myself a self colour nerd and I love all things hair colour and fashion especially bringing the two together. i have 20 years experience behind the chair and 10 years educating for an international hair colour brand, i welcome all colour corrections, many say i am a correction expert! a few of my favorite colours are blondes, grey coverage and redheads but my true specialty is creating unique and customized looks that fit your image and lifestyle best. i always take my time in the consultation process whether it is your first appointment or you’ve been a client for years because my belief is a personalized appointment should happen at every visit!


platinum level stylist

i have been a professional hair stylist for 32 years. i started at the age of 17 in my hometown of albuquerque, new mexico however i am no stranger to las vegas. from 1990 to 2008 i had a successful career here and i represented an international hair color company as a national educator, inspiring and educating hair stylists of all levels. my passion, dedication and love of my craft have made me a sought after hair stylist in new mexico and las vegas.

beautiful hair needs an expert



silver level stylist

born and raised in las vegas, my love for the beauty industry began at a young age while performing in shows and taking it upon myself to do others hair and makeup backstage. i now specialize in vivid colors, bold blondes, extensions, and am extremely passionate about continuing education. my goal is to become a national educator, traveling all over and sharing my knowledge with other stylists. i was just recently named to pulp riot's unicorn tribe 🙂


silver level stylist

i started my young life as a musician playing violin and piano. during that time i learned to speak french fluently and a lot of swedish. i oriented myself towards hairdressing because after watching my mom's successful career, i decided to become a hairstylist as well. my passion is creativity, and striving for perfection.


sliver level stylist

hi I am edith! what excited me in the hair industry was my passion for beauty, hair and art. growing up in mexico city gave me such culture! In 2011, i moved to las vegas where my journey began as a bridal stylist . i love being a part of someone’s special day. yes that I’m bringing out a true beauty that shines. another passion of mine is traveling the world. it’s not only a passion of mine but through culture, elegance, history and education i have found that i could fine-tune my skills as an artist. i hope that anyone reading this feels my smile and energy .
tavarius silver


silver level stylist

hi. i am tavarius but everyone calls me ``tee``. i was born and raised in florida, and came to las vegas in 2008. my professional experience has been based around retail management, business and accounting. having said that, i realized it wasn't my passion and decided to go to cosmetology school at aveda institute of las vegas``. i am extremely passionate about changing the lives of others, and feel there's no better way to achieve this goal than the beauty industry. i love to laugh, have fun, eat sushi and anything that is positive.
danielle bio


gold level stylist. sugar hair removal specialist.

i was born in Seattle, but since then i have moved around a lot. growing up in texas and north carolina, i have experienced a lot of the diverse culture that our country has to offer! i moved to las vegas looking for better opportunities to grow myself and my career, while sticking to my natural roots. finding studio khröma was a dream come true, I never imagined finding a place where my values aligned so perfectly with that of the salon.


gold level stylist. licensed massage therapist.

i am originally from california but the majority of my life I’ve been living here in las vegas. i am a graduate of the paul mitchell school. my specialties are color correction, hair color, cutting and make up. i am a well rounded artist with a passion for beauty and am so happy to be doing what i dreamed of as a child. i am also studio khroma's organic spa's certified massage therapist.
tiffany front desk concierge


front desk concierge

jordan front desk concierge


front desk concierge


front desk concierge

hi i’m shana! i’m here at studio khroma to greet every guest with a smile! i’m a mother of three beautiful children that i’ve enjoyed staying home and taking care of them. i’m a lover of all types of music because it creates a mood for every day. there’s nothing better then being able to meet and greet beautiful people. it’s also been a real thrill to see all the hairstyles and creative color here at studio khroma from talented stylists. i hope everyone who is reading this right now wants to come on in so they can see what it’s all about!