introducing kevin.murphy

now available in-salon at studio khroma, the top selling salon of kevin.murphy products in las vegas and all of nevada.

kevin murphy scalp spa 1

in the age of skincare for your hair, kevin.murphy is redefining the focus on an area that often gets overlooked – the scalp.

it’s ingrained in us to blame our strands for build-up or a lacklustre appearance, but the scalp actually plays a much larger role than we know and could be the key to uncovering better hair days. Offering a new way to nourish the scalp and indulge in a little self-care, is the solution to ask for in the salon or the pick-me-up your at-home routine desperately needs.

kevin murphy scalp spa 2

how it works

redefining the skincare for your hair routine,, featuring micellar technology, gently attracts and dissolves impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils. additionally, celery seed extract removes dirt and impurities, and perlite – a spherical shaped derivative from volcanic rock – gently exfoliates. after unclogging, toning and cleansing the scalp and strands, co-surfactants derived from sustainably harvested coconut oil work to maintain moisture and soothe – making the answer to either an oily or dry scalp.

how to use

starting in the bath or shower, apply scrub to damp hair and use fingertips to gently work the formula into the scalp with circular motions. rinse thoroughly, follow with the wash and then the kevin.murphy wash of your choice. once cleansed, follow up with a rinse or masque. kevin.murphy suggests opting for a masque to truly enhance the at-home spa experience and indulge in a little extra self-care.

indulge at home

caring for your hair should be so much more than a chore, and by including this in your self-care rituals at home you’re turning the health of your scalp into a detox for the senses as well. to follow up on in-salon services and recreate a spa-like sensation at home, can be combined with your normal self-care routine to step the relaxation and rejuvenation up a notch. a two-part system, includes a scrub as well as a wash to refresh the scalp and strands.

now available

for purchase in-salon at studio khroma