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we now carry holifrog

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studio khroma is the first organic spa in las vegas to carry the holifrog holistic-functional skincare line

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holifrog is more than a name or a story—it’s also science.

frogs have thin skin. it’s so soft and permeable that it absorbs everything in their surroundings. as a result, they can’t survive in toxic environments. scientists even study them to monitor pollution levels.

our skin is thicker than frogs but we live in toxic environments too, filled with free radicals, questionable air quality, and twitter trolls. even the thickest skin needs to take care of itself.

when we wash our faces, our pores are at their most open and permeable, like a frog’s. this stage of your skincare routine is essential to your skin’s health and the rest of your beauty regime. holifrog uses bioactive ingredients that give positive results—nothing toxic, nothing irritating.

it’s what thick and thin skin needs, when it needs it.

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holifrog formulas’ primary function is to help skin’s healing and repair response. holifrog avoids drying, irritating, and sensitizing ingredients and will never use any that disrupts skin’s function or has been deemed unsafe by research—for you and the frogs. holifrog only ever brings you ingredients that actively protect and enhance the health of your skin.

meet the holifrog lineup

available to purchase in-salon
and online at

holifrog como

como popp-e renewal scrubby wash

consider this a trinity of face oil + cleansing gel + physical exfoliant.

available in salon or online
holifrog kissimme

kissimmee vitamin f therapy balmy wash

imagine a reparative salve that also cleanses.

available in salon or online
holifrog shasta

shasta aha refining acid wash

it’s your best skin-clearing serum, but in cleanser form.

available in salon or online
holifrog sunapee

sunapee sacred-c brightening powder wash

this water-activated powder is a highly-concentrated but gentle brightening cleanser.

available in salon or online
holifrog tashmoo

tashmoo water lily nourishing milky wash

like washing your face with a calming lotion.

available in salon or online
holifrog superior

superior omega nutritive gel wash

cleanse and tone in one step.

available in salon or online
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perspective is key – demo evening

september 30, 2019

5:30pm – 8:00pm
@ studio khroma

perspective is key

a demo evening with ira pope sage

come share time with fellow hairdressers and watch ira pope sage cut some hair!

perspective can be the difference between success/fail, owning/renting or easy/hard. if you are like ira and you prefer the first half to each of those differences, you’ll love this class!

ira’s method is original, simple and visual. watch as he teaches his “clock cutting concept.” time is the most important thing we have in life and clocks are what we use to measure it, so thats where he drew his inspiration from. we’ve all seen and used plenty of analog clocks in our lives. how many times have you utilized a protractor in your life?

wayne dyer said, “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” this clock cutting concept will change how you look at cutting hair. perspective is key.

event fee $75

sign up to attend