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for current COLOR.ME colorists

who want to have a higher understanding

of the color, both technically and practically.

course content

  • work individually and as a team to conduct and analyze numerous color tests on hair wefts and swatches
  • reveal underlying pigment and witness the results of counteracting and enhancing tones
  • compare different formulas used for similar hair color situations and explore the limitless playfulness of COLOR.ME

event details

october 22
10:00am to 5:00pm

studio khroma
8876 south eastern avenue
suite 104
las vegas


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rocco – beauty solutions

forever curls bootcamp


July 2
11am til 2pm

forever curls bootcamp
look & learn
with leysa hair & makeup

get an introduction to the art of cut, coloring and styling curly hair this class is designed for anyone looking to perfect their techniques, and learn new ones, covering everything from curl type, product choice, proper blonding, mixing, saturation, color formulation, glossing/toning, pastel – colorful curls and more. you will see all techniques demonstrated on a live model and will be given the opportunity to mimic the same techniques on a mannequin head that will be provided for you.

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